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Marina- Argentina

Marina is the founder and president of the Leaders of Ansenuza Foundation. This organization works to empower youth to become empathetic leaders who are active in their communities.

Fundación Líderes de Ansenuza focuses on three core areas:

  1. They find young people motivated to transform their communities,

  2. They design innovative and personalized educational programs for these young people, and create all the conditions for emerging leaders to participate,

  3. They then accompany them with tools, financing, mentoring and an international network to carry out PROJECTS with solutions for their COMMUNITIES.

They carry out a five day event for 30 delegates each year, providing fully funded scholarships, where delegates meet with more than 50 experts to discuss a variety of topics and plan their social initiatives. After the event, the mentoring process begins. 126 young people have participated in this program, with 14+ projects that were created, addressing 12 SDGs, being implemented in different communities and 36 projects still in the design phase. Their reporting shows that over 4000 people have been positively impacted a people impacted.

Marina has also participated at the G(irls)20 Summit in 2016 in China and is now a member of the G(irls)20 Steering Committee. She took part in the WLP Forum in Lithuania in 2018 and received an invitation to integrate the Argentinian delegation to the GEC 2019 in Bahrain. She is passionate about education, youth empowerment and gender equality.


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