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Mantaro- Mexico

Mantaro currently studies Law with a minor in Finance. He is the founder and chairman of the Non Profit organization called "Juventud Unida". In the past 6 years, he was able to promote a law to prevent bullying and school violence in his home state, organize public debates alongside the local media in matters of peace culture, coordinate massive workshops targeted to 4,500 school teachers and directors in the matters of violence prevention and implement a school peace program, covering 80 public schools and 400 projects in total, thus changing the lives of more than 100,000 students.

His interest in peace culture began when he was able to overcome the problem of bullying that he faced in Middle-School. It all started with a small project called Juventud Unida by giving conferences to the schools and inspire kids to become empowered. Fast forward to today, and he now has a commitment to promote peace culture through different ways, such as the 5 subsidiaries that conform the Non-Profit Conglomerate Juventud Unida.


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