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Make a Difference with an Idea

Changemaker: Anna Gyða Sigurgísladóttir

With the economical crisis and lack of job opportunities around the world, entrepreneurship is on the uprise. Social entrepreneurship has never been more valued, more needed and more achievable than it is today but yet this term remains unknown to too many people. Anna Gyða and a group of changemakers have decided to make an inspirational and enlightening documentary about this important phenomenon. The film focuses on a very special social entrepreneur, Madi Sharma, who wants nothing more than to spread out what she believes in. Madi is one of those people you meet in life and always remember. Like most social entrepreneurs she’s obsessed by her ideas and has committed her life to changing the direction of her field. She’s a visionary and a mass recruiter of local changemakers – a role model encouraging that citizens who channel their passion into action can do almost anything. Anna Gyða describes her encounter with Madi: ”She is without a doubt the most inspirational woman I’ve ever been in contact with. I remember very strong feelings inside me that were screaming: “Her voice, Reykjavík and philosophy must be heard in more places.” I want people to get the same tingling motivating feeling inside them as I got when I heard Madi talk”. There are many people that aren’t aware of the power they have, within themselves and the options and opportunities they have to change their society. The purpose and aim of the film is to enlighten, spread and awake interest in the term and phenomenon social entrepreneurship as well as to awake motivation within the audience. For we need drive and inspiration to be able to make change.


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