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Lynn - canada & Lebanon

Lynn is majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Apart from her activities within the student council at her university, Lynn’s volunteering background and interests spans the fields of education, poverty, and unemployment.

Drawing on her scouting experience, Lynn’s early involvement in her community included working with children's prisons and helping in the project “Tanjara Sokhne” or “Hot Meal” where scouts prepare dishes and have dinner with 2 poor families each Friday. Thirteen years later, Lynn has moved to become a Scout Leader, and has fully organized two projects: the rehabilitation of a refugee’s modest house, and the collection of clothes for fleeing refugees before the winter. More recently, she has engaged in the Tabshoura S.T.E.A.M. project funded by Malala, and is now developing, through the LAL association, an educational online database for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon to complement their rather-insufficient education. She is also starting her own social enterprise that aims to empower refugees by giving them access to job opportunities in Lebanese households. All in all, Lynn is a determined and ambitious woman, seeking experience as well as help from a professional network to positively affect the lives of people that have been extremely maltreated by life and suffered from war injustices and atrocities.


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