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Lynn - Switzerland

Lynn is has just graduated from high school and is now starting a gap year.

In the future she wants to become a film maker. She has always liked to

tell stories and create new things. By making films one has so many

possibilities to connect and inform people, get an insight in other lives

and cultures and mostly raise awareness, show problems and possible

solutions. As part of her degree work, she made a film about the Zero Waste

Lifestyle. Her ambition was to inform people about this movement and

inspire them to make sustainable changes in their own lives.

Lynn cares deeply about the environment. In July 2018 she had the chance

to attend a training of The Climate Reality Project (hosted by Al Gore)

and become a Climate Reality Leader. Whenever possible she participates

in workshops and events about human rights and/or sustainability and goes

to schools to talk and inform about those issues.

Lynn strongly believes that together as youth we have the power to make a

change for a better future for all of us.


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