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Louisa - Germany

Louisa was raised in Germany. After finishing the German A-levels, she decided to work abroad for a year and went to Spain and Ghana. Working in an NGO that fights hawking and child work in Accra, Louisa gained a bigger understanding of international problems and local structures. Besides Ghana, Louisa has been to Namibia to engage in a project to provide education in a slum of Gobabis. Together with a group of students they built a playground and sports field. She works voluntarily as a peer counsellor for children and teenagers who face problems in Germany. Combining her international work with the projects in her home town, Louisa has a special interest in supporting children to create equal opportunities and to tackle the core solution of many problems. Louisa is very excited to meet other Global Changemakers and to exchange ideas. Her dream would be the active forming of new projects which would be continued long after the summit ended.


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