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Changemaker: Charlin Nhemachena

Country of Implementation: Zimbabwe

There is an alarming increase of child and youth related suicide deaths and mental health problems.

According to the Association of Children's mental health 1 in 5 children experience a mental health /

behavioral challenge. Let's Talk Mental Health Education is a project specifically and passionately

designed to bring mental health awareness to schools in the marginalized high density areas of Harare..

This project seeks to address the issues of stigma associated with mental health in schools and prevent

more unnecessary suicide deaths through mental health campaigns and activities. Furthermore the

project will engage everyone the school staff, students and parents leaving no one behind.

Through art, the project will talk mental health education through poetry, music, dance art etc in schools.

The project will recruit mental health ambassadors and will also establish self running mental health

clubs in schools. Finally an outdoor event will be done celebrating the completion of training. After this

project, a decrease of suicide related deaths among students is to be expected. A positive safe space

were students feel free to express their mental state is also expected from this project.


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