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Kids Connected

Changemaker: Cristina Caraus

Kids Connected is a project aimed to raise awareness about children rights, to make the voices of the orphan children heard and to integrate them in the society. In order to do this, we are organizing a series of amazing activities.

As a result orphans will be taught their rights so they could protect themselves; they will be inspired and motivated to study, to develop themselves….to live, not only to exist! All the people reached by this project through the media and social media – about 40000 people – will think thoroughly on this subject and will change their mindsets being more tolerant and kind to orphan children and not discriminating them.

Every month there was an activity, as follows: 1) November 2011: The preparations The project coordinator went to all the partner organizations (“Azimut” orphanage, Kinder-Garden N.17, Local Public Administration, Theoretical Lyceum “C. Stere” and others) and introduced them to all the details and activities of the project.

2) December 2011: Christmas Cards Exchange A group of eight volunteers together with the project coordinator went to both beneficiary organizations and prepared Christmas Cards with the Children. After that, in January when they were celebrating their Winter Holiday Concert the volunteers came to the ophanage and gave them the card made by the kidss from the kinder-garden and backwards. They were very happy and were looking forward to meeting each other in person.

3) February 2012: Photo session and photo exhibition! The project coordinator together with two helping volunteers and the volunteer professional potographer Nicolai Balaniuc went to both beneficiary organnizations and organized photo-shoots – individual and group photos. Afterwards all the pictures were printed and a photo exhibition was organized. There was a photo exhibitio exchange for two weeks and afterward the photo were posted in the original institutions and shared to their “owners”.

4) March 2012: A trip to the local school In March all the kids from both beneficiary institutions had a fieldtrip to one of the best schools in the country Theoretical Lyceum “C. Stere”. There they hae met each other in real life for the firs time and it was a success – the kids were very welcoming and they made good relationsips and friendship. We showed them all the interesting stuff in the school, such as: the library, the media room, the chees club, the sports hall, class-rooms, english club and others. After the school tour the school administration gave us a free classroom and we oganized an improvization of a real school class. All the kids received school supplies and were feeling like real student – they were saying poems, solving math exercisez and play games. Through this activity we wanted to show them that they are great children, they all have the same rights and they all can have a bright future.

5) April 2012: Kids drawing their voices All the kids from the “Azimut” orphanage and from the local kindergarden N-17 were brought to the city square in order to hold the activity “Kids drawing their voices”. They were given cholored chalk and were gien the opportunity to draw whatever was on their minds: their dreams, wishes and hopes. As a result we saw and wanted to share the idea that all the kids are the same: nomater if they come from privileged or underprivileged families – they all have wonderful personalities, great ideas and the most importand – they all have the same rights!!!

6) May 2012: Educational-motivational training A educational-motivational training on Children’s rights was hold at the Azimut Orphanage. It was very on topic because International Children’s Day was very close to that date. The training was hold by V. Carabinovici and it included the following: the introduction where each child composed a personal mascote for himself/herself; a brainstorming about children’s rights, played educational games, experienced team-work by making scenes in teams and others. At the end of it they were playing games and enjoyed some sweets and refreshments.They were very happy and pleased to have such an activity.

7) June 2012: The closing ceremony: fun activities. All the kids from the orphanage were brought to the Kindergarden N 17, where our other beneficiary were already waiting for them. First of all we wanted to organize the closing ceremony inside the holiday hall of the kinder-garden, but because it was such an amazing day outside we decided to stay on the playing-ground and celebrate there. It was an amazing activity – lots of surprizes, games, activities, contests and a lot of delicious treats at the end. We played a lot of team games thus promoting teamwork. In most of the games and contests the children were divided in six teams. Every team was formed of 3 kids from the orphanage and our from the kinder-garden – through this we wanted to make them socialize more and becme even better friend. I have never seen such reactions on their faces – they were smiling soooo happy! It was absolutely worth working hard into organizing this activity!


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