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Khaliunaa - Mongolia

Khaliunaa is the Secretary General of United Nations Youth Advisory Panel in Mongolia and also works as the partnership manager at one of the most pioneering business and tech media company Through her membership at various youth organizations, she has implemented over 100 small and large scale projects in promoting sustainable development. She went on an exchange program during her time at university funded by US State Department and graduated with a degree in International Relations.

Khaliunaa has a strong interest in social innovation, specialising in topics concerning women's entrepreneurship, youth activism and education. She actively researched and works in the projects related to youth unemployment and women entrepreneurship through various UN projects. Khaliunaa has also actively participated in number of international seminars and forums representing Mongolian young people, including UNLEASH Innovation Lab and ASEF Young Leader's Summit. She hopes to continue her journey of becoming a social entrepreneur and create concrete solutions for emerging issues across the world, together with like-minded activists. In her free time, Khaliunaa is a documentary enthusiast, avid foodie, dog lover and travel addict.


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