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Changemaker: Abdulla Mujahid

Project Kaththiri aims at finding a practical solution to the growing demands for sponsorship and the disappointments of rejection. It propose an entrepreneurial approach for fundraising to the eco-club of H.Dh. Kulhudhuffushi Jalaaluddin School of Maldives.

This project will set up a hydroponic system in the School and provide technical support for the eco-club to continue growing food products at school. Their harvest will be sold to a local business that finds market for local products called Isle Fresh. The money earned by the club will be used for its projects and functioning of eco-club. Projects they undertake using such finance and earnings from the hydroponic system will be submitted for review to the GCM team.

  • Training on Hydroculture, best practices and system management.

  • Practical session on setting up NFT system and Bag media.

  • Inauguration of the Project and planting seeds.

  • Training on pest control and plant diseases.

  • Training on financial management, transparency and financial reporting.

  • Selling of first batch of harvest.

  • Evaluation of the Project and handing over to the school.

The project is officially close after trainings and evaluation. This finance model is proven a success as it is continuing to generate income for the eco-club. The club will ideally spend the money for its activities, campaigns and awareness rasing projects. It is of the opinion of Project manager to replicate this model in other parts of Maldives.

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