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Kathia - Nicaragua

Kathia, Women Leaders of Americas member, is a Nicaraguan professional with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit and private organization industry. Holding a Graduate Certificate on Management and Leadership and a Bachelor’s degree on Financial Economics and International Business, Kathia is Corporate Credit Risk Analyst at one of the best financial institutions in Nicaragua and has been Volunteer Coordinator, Financial Manager, President and Entity Control Board Manager at AIESEC, supporting Youth 4 Global Goals Initiative to mobilize youth towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Kathia was recently elected to represent her country and Central America at a university flagship event in China. Kathia’s interest on Development Management has made her passionate about having an impact on people’s lives and become a world citizen in every sense. Her ambitions beyond GYS are more than founding her own socially responsible enterprise but of empowering Nicaraguan people to attain their biggest potential and ensure no one is left behind.


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