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Kasumi - Japan

Kasumi from Japan grew up in Malaysia most of her life. Now she is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work whilst also interning at The Hunger Project Australia working on program development.

She is very passionate about achieving human rights and equality, especially after growing up in an environment where harsh inequalities were significantly visible. Some of her achievements include being the Executive Director for Malaysia’s First 24 Hour Race; a youth campaign that aimed to raise awareness and funds for trafficked victims. She was also the Head Prefect of her school responsible in organising a charity carnival that raised $30,800 USD to fund six children needing heart operations.

Kasumi’s interest includes: innovative projects, event planning and reading about politics and policy development. She is always on the lookout for creative ways to engage youths, and was able to do so by working with Malaysia’s leading Educational Technology Company to produce a Google Play app to educate people about slavery issues. Kasumi hopes the summit will help her spark new ideas in engaging youths together for social justice.

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