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Juliana - Switzerland

Juliana is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Political Sciences and Economics at university. She is an animal rights activist, but is also very interested in issues concerning the environment and woman's rights. Furthermore, she is very interested in economic systems and questions such as: "How does our economic activity relate to the degradation of the environment?", "How can and should we distribute wealth?", "would a world without money be possible?" and so on.

She is mainly involved in animal rights activism and is also doing street activism by talking with passengers about this topic (google "Cube of Truth"). Additionally, she has been in the organizing team of the sustainability week at her university. Her ambitions are to finish her studies and then either find a job in animal rights/agricultural policy or work the least amount possible in order to earn the minimal amount needed for daily costs and dedicate the rest of my time to street activism and other forms of activism.

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