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Changemaker: Chola Mumba

Country of Implementation: Zambia

Intersex Society of Zambia (ISSZ) is a not-for-profit non-government organization founded in May 2018. The purpose of the organisation is to facilitate the recognition, protection and accessibility of social, legal, political, spiritual, and economic frameworks of intersex persons. Through this, it aims to transform them into well-informed, motivated, and active individuals who live fulfilling lives and can achieve their dreams while contributing to their communities in Zambia. Regionally and globally, ISSZ works to develop tools and information that are suitable and effective for advocacy in order to raise awareness of campaigns that promote a more open, tolerant, and enabling society for intersex children, adults, and their families.

ISSZ aims to create a nurturing and supportive Zambian society that appreciates and supports the existence of intersex individuals. It seeks to protect them from existing oppression and violence, while advocating for their human rights, protecting their welfare, and promoting respect for intersex individuals. This is done through evidence-based information, dissemination and public education, thereby creating safe spaces and supporting access to affirming sexual and reproductive health services and rights-based advocacy for intersex persons in Zambia.


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