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International Political Forum

Changemaker: Natasha Lipman

Established in April 2012, the IPF has been engaging with young people to give them a platform to make their voices heard. Our mission is to highlight challenges facing young people, train the next generation of citizen journalists, create community videos and podcast series, and share the work of inspirational young social entrepreneurs. Currently the IPF has over 100 writers from 25 countries, all under the age of 30, who share their stories and give their insight on the issues that are important to them. From regional political coverage, humour, and the political impact of sport, the IPF is as diverse as its readers. We are a member of the Guardian Africa Network, and winners of the Virgin Media Pioneers trip to India. Specifically, IPF works with international volunteers to create opinion pieces on what is important to global youth. We are establishing new projects such as IPF Green to add to our current projects like IPF Sport, and the entire IPF community.


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