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Changemaker: Jason Isada

Country of Implementation: Philippines

The national lockdowns, closing of borders, and restriction of movements brought by the coronavirus outbreak caused a halt in the market of agricultural products, resulting to a major amount of excess fruits and vegetables left unsold by suppliers and vendor and leading to great losses of their profit. This situation has called the youth of Negros Occidental, led by Jason James Isada, to take action and help in uplifting the city of Bacolod, Philippines especially of its local farmers and vendors.

Project HUMANGON: A COVID-19 Response for Micro Enterprises was created to help combat the negative effects of the pandemic on the local economy. For four months (October 2020 to January 2021), it helped farmers and local vendors to adapt in the new normal setting by promoting and marketing their products in social media and other online platforms to gather more potential customers despite this situation. A team of volunteer entrepreneurs bought the surplus of ten (10) selected fruit vendors and manufactured new goods from them to provide the vendors with a venue to sell their unsold products to prevent them from going into waste and to replenish the profit they have lost. A portion of the income made by the volunteers were used to supply the beneficiaries with monthly “Ligtas Tindahan Kits” containing personal protective equipment and disinfecting materials, as well as additional financial assistance for their business. It also became an opportunity to upskill the fruit vendors of the city as they were provided with mentoring sessions on basic bookkeeping, financial management, and effective business administration.

HUMANGON, meaning “to rise”, allowed our fellow Negrosanons to stand up once more amidst this unprecedented time.

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