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Ho - Vietnam

Ho is a young filmmaker from Vietnam who’s thriving to make an impact globally both physically and mentally. Ho started making videos when he was a teenager. During his time studying in high school, he devoted a lot of his time helping the school develop its extracurricular activities, specifically in the music and media department.

Since 2016, believing that videos can have a major impact on the audience, Trung started to invest his time to become a professional filmmaker. He is now working at the start-up EricTM as the Chief Video Editor. At, together with the crew, Trung films and edits videos involving sessions for physical training, interpersonal skills development and standardized tests lessons, releases life-coaching videos on Youtube and helps others live a more meaningful and healthy life. The start-up has received countless messages of gratitude and positivity, not just locally but also internationally. To be able to create such influence, Trung also has a deep understanding of music and its emotional influence towards the viewers. He wants to continue this growth by meeting and making an impact on his community that’s spreading continuously, bringing the positive vibe to international friends.


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