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Haroon - Pakistan

Haroon is a motivated entrepreneur who is one of the co founders of PakVitae, a Social Entrepreneurship endeavor aimed at providing portable water filters in areas facing water scarcity. He has successfully installed water pumps and disseminated his filters called "Pak Community Filters", that remove bacteria and viruses of all kinds from dirty water, to assist and supply clean drinkable water to an Afghan refugee settlement, that hosts more than 12,000 refugees who belong to 8 different tribes, settled in around 700 mud houses, living in poor health and sanitation conditions.

He is also the President of Rotaract Club for his city and has worked for organizations such as AIESEC Pakistan, Global Zero, and Global Shapers community. All of this has shaped Haroon's entrepreneurial spirit and vision. Haroon's desire for effective social change, coupled with his ambition tackle ongoing crises is what lead to the project, and the team's goal is providing affordable solutions to impoverished communities with limited access to clean, drinkable water. He believes that the Global Youth Summit 2018 and Global Changemakers Network has the exact tools for him to better his approach and methods of expanding and reaching more communities which require urgent assistance. It’s designed to be highly effective, and, it will greatly help in guiding him to combat the increasing water crisis plaguing various communities globally. Being able to learn from people from all across the globe who are of his age and their various experiences will help enrich his plans for his mission. The mentors on hand in the programme, their vast experience and expertise is a priceless guide, and one that will only take his ambitions further.


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