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Hannah - Sweden

Hannah is studying social sciences and art. Her areas of activism primarily include working to integrate recently arrived young refugees.

In the beginning of 2018, she organised a series of weekly workshops in art, music and writing. The workshops created a platform for both refugees and established Swedes to meet and communicate across cultural and linguistic barriers. The project, called Creating Without Borders, culminated in an event where the participants were able to perform music, read their writing, and exhibit their art. Creating Without Borders served over 150 unique participants from 18 different schools and 15 different nationalities. Hannah’s plans after participating in the Global Youth Summit are to produce materials to help spread Creating Without Borders to other schools outside of her city, and to create a network between the schools with the goal of fostering a more sustainable integration plan. In addition to working with Creating Without Borders, Hannah enjoys writing, reading about New York City history, and eating cheese doodles.

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