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Changemaker: Mable Chileshe

Country of Implementation: Zambia

Girls in Zambia’s rural areas are most likely to get married after high school because they have limited or no access to tertiary education. This is because not only do they lack the funds to finance their studies, but they also lack information and resources about academic scholarships and bursaries that would enable them to attend college.

To change this, Mable Chileshe and a group of her friends started Girls On Top CollegePrep, a

mentorship and college preparatory program to mentor girls and equip them with the resources and

skills needed to have a successful and smooth transition from high school to college.

During the pilot project, they mentored 20 girls in Matero, a rural community in Lusaka, Zambia, and

introduced them to emotional intelligence, design thinking, and goal setting through a 5-week training.

After the training, the team will provide 1:1 mentorship and helped the girls with college applications to

various colleges and universities in Zambia. Using the same curriculum, G.O.T college-prep conducted online training with 100 girls from across Zambia.


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