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Freshta - Afghanistan

Freshta is a top student in her English classes and is passionate about education, women's rights, peace, and fighting poverty in her war-torn country. She lives with her family of nine in a cave in a very poor community where most people do not have electricity, running water or any modern conveniences. Since 2012, Freshta has been working as a vaccinator and health educator. She has a mini library in her home and has been teaching 25-30 local children six mornings per week for most of the past six years. In the past, she was a group leader for the local girl scouts and was a trainer for the Afghan Landmine Survivor's Organization. In the summers of 2016 and 2017, she participated in three girls' leadership programs. She wants to expand her library, provide literacy training for women in her community and conduct leadership programs for school-age girls.


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