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Francesca - United Kingdom

Francesca hails from Northern Ireland where she is Head Girl at her school and aspires to study political science and international relations at university. She has been a youth advocate in her community from a young age when she was elected as a member of the youth city council. From that point, Francesca has dedicated her efforts to representing young people at local and national levels, from leading an inquiry and report to government on mental health to organising a human rights conference as part of her membership of the Children’s Law Centre and acting as an elected member of the UK Youth Parliament, speaking at the Northern Ireland Assembly and the UK House of Commons. Building on her firm belief in youth empowerment, Francesca’s proudest achievement to date has been founding her social justice campaign, education project and giving foundation #whatsfordinner, which aims to tackle child food poverty at grassroots level. Francesca is excited to have been selected as a Global Changemaker and attend the 2017 summit. She recognises this as a life-changing opportunity to engage in discussions, exchange ideas and build friendships with some of the world's most dynamic young people. By joining this incredible network Francesca believes she has the potential to forge a path for change not only in her small corner of the world but on a global platform.


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