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Changemaker: Tanzila Khan

Country of Implementation: Pakistan

Hygiene is an essential self-care element for women and societies across the world but remains

a Taboo subject even till today. Young women are not given authentic information about hygiene,

products, confidence, and above all choice of environment-friendly menstrual lifestyle. To change this

change-maker Tanzila Khan introduced the concept of environment-friendly menstrual lifestyle promoting

access to safe products, disseminating authentic information, and sensitizing the society about menstrual

healthcare. In January 2021 a group of 15 young people was chosen to be given comprehensive training

on Menstrual Healthcare management along with tools of advocacy and change-making. The training took

place online and in a physical space over the course of three days. They further set their targets of

community projects and objectives to expand their circle of sensitized individuals about menstrual

healthcare and implementation of safe acts in their institutes and circles. The training also invited partners

from all areas and synergies were built to make public and private spaces more ‘Girly friendly’ including

homes, offices, and institutions. The training manual will further be shared and translated to keep the

initiative rolling and more partnerships will be built around it. The target is to reach at least 10,000

individuals through the training in the next 3 years.


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