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Eva- Switzerland

Eva is the founder of GirlCode, an international nonprofit aiming to reduce the gender gap and to promote full, productive employment of young women in STEM fields. In 2017, she decided she wanted to work on the root causes of the issue - the lack of female role models in the industry and the isolation felt by women who try to get into the “scientific boys’ club”. She created GirlCode, a safe space where girls can meet local female programmers and learn coding for free through a fun video games-based curriculum. The key skills gained through GirlCode give students more opportunities to obtain decent work and to fulfil their potential.

Eva also created a mentorship program through which GirlCode students can meet entrepreneurs, scientists, and all-around girl bosses in order to help them find their STEM superstar. GirlCode, which started as a small club, has rapidly grown in two years into a worldwide network, with 304 clubs in 25 countries and impacted an estimated 81,345 girls as of September 2019. She is now working with her team on a free online teaching platform and a scholarship program to ensure no girl is left behind because of geographical or financial reasons.


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