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ER Argentina

Changemaker: Alvaro Benavides

Country of Implementation: Argentina

Every day more and more education initiatives arise in order to improve the quality and scope

of the contents taught in Argentine classrooms. However, most of them are oriented towartds

ICTs or towards improving the learning curve of subjects that already exist, such as STEM,

literature, history, among others. So this type of content is being held in the spotlight in most of

those educational programs, at the expense of emotional, cognitive and social development of

school children.

That is why the project Educación Responsable Argentina seeks to train schools teachers from

nursery, primary and secondary education so they can facilitate skills related to empathy and

emotional intelligence in their classrooms. This program aims to provide knowledge, tools and

support to educational institutions, promoting the emotional, intellectual and social growth of

their students, generating a positive impact both individually for each student and in the entire

school community.


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