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Changemaker: Angela Busheska

Country of Implementation: Macedonia


We all know that in life it is the small things like a sunny day with great friends that count. But there is one huge problem. When it comes to climate change, we all pretend that we need to re-invent the wheel to be more eco-friendly. We have exactly 7 years and 90 days to save our Planet Earth, and we must use every ‘weapon’ that is in our hands and eliminate the excuses once and for all. 

That is why Angela and a group of ambassadors started the EnRoute movement, to harness the power of small daily activities to make a great change in life. In times when people feel lonelier than ever, EnRoute uses technology for good to provide a chance for every person to be a climate hero. With EnRoute, the user can reduce their CO2 emissions from their daily trips, make ‘sustainable’ investments in food and clothes, learn how to establish an eco-household, and educate the new generations. But that is not all, 

EnRoute motivates its users with a point for every saved gram of co2. The points can be used in the EnRoute Online Shop to buy prizes ranging from a coffee to your dream trip.

But we are not just software, we are a strong community with an international presence that can help you to grow, be a better citizen, and meet so many people around the Globe with the same dreams and aspirations as you. We are organizing a lot of “Hero” Meetups where each of us can learn and share how to use the power of our lives.


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