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Changemaker: Merit Chiamaka Olumba

Country of Implementation: Nigeria

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leader: Enhancing Civic Literacy Among Students in FCT, Nigeria.

Misinformation and disinformation can have a number of negative consequences for civic literacy. It can erode trust in democratic institutions, make it difficult for people to make informed decisions, and discourage them from participating in civic life.

To curb this menace, Merit Olumba and a group of five community changemakers in partnership with Global Changemakers decided to organize a ‘CIVIC LITERACY WORKSHOP’ in six secondary schools in Abuja, Nigeria. The project aims to equip secondary school students in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria, with essential skills to combat misinformation and foster informed civic engagement. Through a four-month workshop series across six schools, students aged 15-18 will delve into topics covering misinformation identification, fact-checking, critical thinking, and advocacy for active civic participation.

The workshops, led by seasoned facilitators and experts in news literacy, will engage students in interactive sessions, role plays, and access to valuable resources like fact-checking websites and online courses. This

initiative aims to empower over 500 students with the tools to navigate the digital landscape responsibly.

Join us in shaping a future where informed, engaged, and responsible citizens lead the way toward

a more inclusive and informed society.


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