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Emma - United States of America

Emma is an Economics student in South Africa. She was born in the USA, but grew up between Mexico and South Africa.

Emma is an intersectional feminist with a passion for education, activism and social entrepreneurship. In high school, she was a member of the South African National Debating team for four consecutive years. As a university student, she got involved with the Thethani Debating League (TDL), a development agency that teaches critical thinking, persuasiveness and general knowledge through the medium of competitive debate in under-resourced high schools. She is now the Chairperson of Ubunye, the umbrella organization that includes TDL, as well as a tutoring and mentoring wings. After becoming disillusioned with the donor-dependent framework of traditional NGO's, she started working with Laulima Partners, a two-woman start up designed to enhance the appreciation, recognition and utilization of the South African social economy.


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