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Changemaker: Gift Banda

Country of Implementation: Malawi

Malawi is home to over 45000 refugees, this is so because Malawi is a signatory to the international protocols that allow it to host asylum seekers in it.

Looking at the nature of the camps, it is almost impossible for a person to grow economically. The camps offer limited and constricted market space. And also, with reference to the UNCHR report, it indicates that economic stagnation among Refugee Women is as a result of lack of entrepreneurship skills that can allow them generate and venture into viable business options.

Looking at the above given literature, I, Gift Banda came with a project titled "Economic Empowerment among Refugee Women in Dzaleka Refugee Camp with a sole intent of bringing a lasting solution to some of the challenges that these women face. This Project will bring about economic growth among Refugee Women through impacting them with entrepreneurship skills that will enable them to generate, sustain and develop viable business options. The project will also bring about coherence between the inside and the outside of the refugee camp, as markets will be identified within and outside the camp.


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