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Changemaker: Johann E.

Country of Implementation: Germany

Supported by Papa Johns' Shaq-A-Roni Campaign

Amidst the climate challenges faced by Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) region, the EcoChamps initiative takes a bold stand to empower youth and migrants as EcoChamps—dedicated sustainability and

climate advocates. This comprehensive three-month program equips individuals aged 18-30 with the

knowledge, skills, and motivation to spearhead green projects in their communities.

Project Overview:

In the heart of NRW, the UPLIFT Initiative aims to bridge the gap between global climate goals and local

realities. Through workshops, modules, and a final event, participants delve into sustainability basics,

climate adaptation, circular economy, and eco-friendly business models. The project culminates in

showcasing participants' project developments, providing expert feedback, and celebrating their success.


1. Empowerment: Train a new generation of EcoChamps with the knowledge and passion to lead green


2. Local Impact: Address NRW's climate adversities by initiating projects aligned with global emission

reduction goals.

3. Community Engagement: Foster inclusivity by actively promoting the project and collaborating with local

organizations for participant recruitment.


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