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Eco-Ed Connect

Changemaker: Tolani Olawore

Country of Implementation: Nigeria

In Nigeria, the need for comprehensive climate education is more critical than ever. With environmental challenges impacting communities nationwide, there's a growing urgency to equip young leaders with the knowledge and tools to address climate change as research shows that a staggering 6 out of 10 Nigerians have never heard about climate change. Those are scary statistics and to address this issue, Tolani Olawore founded Eco-Ed Connect to foster climate education among young people between 11-18, training them to become catalysts for positive environmental change. At its core, Eco-Ed Connect is wholly dedicated to addressing the dearth of climate education in Nigeria by offering immersive workshops, easily accessible online educational resources, and specialised mentorship programs tailored to cultivate informed and proactive young leaders passionate about environmental stewardship. 

Eco-ed Connect is collaborating with schools in Nigeria to introduce climate education into the curriculum and also training teachers and educators by conducting specialised training programs. These sessions are designed to enhance their understanding of climate science and effective teaching methodologies. By equipping teachers with comprehensive resources and strategies, the initiative ensures the sustainability and amplification of its impact across diverse educational landscapes.

Through innovative workshops, interactive classes, hands-on projects and the establishment of vibrant green clubs within schools, they are nurturing a generation of informed and passionate young leaders. Their aim is to equip these students with the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm to tackle environmental challenges head-on. Eco-Ed Connect has been able to reach over 900 students across 7 schools, offering comprehensive climate education that delves into the intricacies of environmental conservation, climate science, and tangible solutions. These initiatives have led to the establishment of vibrant green clubs, where students collaborate on impactful projects, from tree-planting drives to waste reduction campaigns.


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