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Diego - Colombia

Diego is a Sociologist. He is now is preparing for his Masters degree in Social Science and he also works with the NGO “La Red” and is the coordinator of the peacebuilding, reconciliation and forgiveness area. Diego is now developing projects and programs that are directly related wit peacebuilding, participation, youth leadership school, and he is the youth representative of his city to the Municipal Mayor's office. He has being part of many youth leadership programs since the age of thirteen, being part of the Juvenile constituent in his department, and has worked to promote sexual and reproductive rights. His main area of work revolves around peace and human rights. Currently he is is in charge of a youth group that work for the persecuted church in Colombia, developing the process of peace and reconciliation. After the Global Changemakers Summit 2017 he wants to improve projects and programs in the network with all the participants. He plans to pass along the tools and knowledge acquired at the Summit to encourage young people to develop social projects in his city and country.


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