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Christine - United States of America

Christine is US-based author and creator, sharing tips for simple, slow, and sustainable living. Her education in industrial and packaging technology, coupled with her career experience in packaging sustainability at Cisco Systems led her to share her lifestyle through her website, Simply by Christine and most recent book, Sustainable Home. Inspired by the beauty of necessity of simple living, she hopes that her viewers will be as encouraged to better their own lives and the planet they live on.

In light of the fact that the United States makes up 5% of the world's population and generates 40% of the world's waste, Christine was inspired to live a zero waste lifestyle and share her knowledge about waste with her background in packaging and manufacturing, having spent 2 years working in corporate sustainability at Cisco Systems driving product and packaging sustainability through a program called Make IT Green. The Make IT Green program brought together various supply chain functions to drive sustainable material innovations, waste reduction, and packaging optimization projects as a means to reduce carbon footprint and business costs. She was also the global lead for the Cisco Green Team Network, an employee resource organization which drives environmental awareness and encourages teams to start green initiatives in their office buildings.

Today, she continues to inspire those in her online community to live more consciously through tips ranging from topics such as sustainable fashion, zero waste living, the low impact movement and more. Her book, Sustainable Home, gives a holistic introduction to sustainable lifestyle practices in the home, and she hosts regular zero waste meetups for her community.

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