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Changemaker: Ricardo Sanchez

Country of Implementation: Honduras

One of the biggest problems Honduras faces today is the endless cycle of poverty and thepeople’s incapability to break away from these chains. Many of the country’s people then turntowards more dangerous, low-paying jobs like drug smuggling or in worst cases evenperforming violent crimes in order to generate income for their families. Due to the lack of aconcrete educational foundation when it comes to their finances, most of these families endup taking huge debts and are unable to repay them. CHISPA was formed by a concerned citizenas a program where these families and individuals wanting to bring change can seek for adviceand explore new methods and systems in order to achieve their financial dreams. CHISPA alsoaims to help ordinary individuals explore more alternative methods of investing to ensurebigger and safer financial rewards for themselves, so that they can eventually have anadequate income for retirement and avoid many of the pitfalls most families are currentlyfacing. CHISPA also conducts live seminars and workshops with professionals from variousbackgrounds to discuss about the importance of financial education and about differentstrategies to accommodate each individual on how to achieve their dreams. CHISPA providesnew options and ideas for people so they have a major control over their financial decisions and ultimately bring a new sense of freedom into their lives.


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