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Changemaker: Rafsan Khan

Country of Implementation: Bangladesh

The technology deprived working class in Bangladesh has always suffered from lack of information about jobs available. This very problem used to affect the standard of living in the urban slums of Bangladesh to a great extent as these poor workers are in most cases the only source of income for their family. Without any trusted source of information these workers sometimes had to remain unemployed for a long time, sometimes they changed their work as a whole causing wastage of skill,sometimes they used to migrate to a different city causing urban crowding. To solve this problem permanently, Rafsan and few of his friends from Bangladesh built an offline mobile based job portal for the said demographic. This is working as an information bridge between the workers and their potential employers. The effort has been named as "Chakridata". In bangla "chakri" means job. Chakridata collects information about unemployed workers and existing job opportunities for them. By ensuring proper flow of information it ensures betterment for employees as well as their employers. Today, Chakridata is not only ensuring appropriate employment for the urban workers in Bangladesh, but also advocating for safer working conditions for them. The project started in November 2017 and is still operating in full swing with its own stream of revenue. So far 200 successful cases of employment has been ensured through this project. This one single social enterprise was capable enough to raise the living standard in the urban slums of Dhaka city to a considerable extent.


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