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Changemaker: Oussama Abou-Zeid

Country of Implementation: Australia

Youth in Melbourne are often overlooked, underestimated, or are just not taken seriously by

the elders. This can often lead to the youth not being motivated, and just feel that no matter

what they do, it is not enough. This has got to change. Oussama and his friends in Newport

Melbourne, want to create a commnunity where all can flourish and reach their full potential.

Camp for Change 2019, would help achieve this and allow the youth to feel their worth in the

community. Taking place Mid Summer 2019, the Camp will invite 60 selected youth, ages 13

and above, to take part in a weekend filled of workshops, leadership development, team

work and recreational activities. With a strong emphasis on community engagement, the

participants will have the opportunity to meet with community leaders, brainstorm and

network with like minded individuals. Creating an environment that welcomes discussion,

creativity and camaraderie will allow the participants to grow and feel motivated to better

the community that they live in.


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