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Changemaker: Bogdan

BraveArt is known as the first initiative of social entrepreneurship in Romania led exclusively by young people under 20 years, a bold design with bold ideas and brave volunteers.

This project aims to encourage talented young artists of the community to persevere in painting, to invite the citizens of Iasi to an eco-friendly behavior towards the environment and to show the whole society the huge potential of youth.

To achieve all of these targets, BraveArt comes with a simple solution: recycled paper notepads directly painted by young artists, which are being sold in Iasi. A portion of the profit of this social enterprise will be redirected to the young painters, to show them that they can do something with their art in the future and the rest of the profit will be donated to YouthBank Iasi, an educational program for young people who support free enterprise, philanthropic spirit and civic engagement.

In addition to producing these distinguished notebooks, BraveArt organize massive tightening of paper used in order to be recycled - The Great Recycling – an event held in the middle of the city for all the citizens of Iasi, whose purpose is to determine more and more people to recycle and protect the environment.

Moreover, BraveArt organize ecology and art workshops like ARTelier – a workshop held for young artists from Iasi – and IASI Recicleaza - an event which combined theory and practice by teaching other people how to use old and useless objects in order to obtain something really interesting and useful.

The final event will be an auction to which will be invited many companies and important persons from Iasi who will buy the best painted notebooks.

All in a nutshell, BraveArt is a bold design with bold ideas and brave volunteers, which aims to solve ecological, social and art problems in Iasi’s community.

-Bogdan, Global Changemaker from Romania


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