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Changemakers: Vinuri, Laura

Country of Implementation: U.S.A.

#BlurredLines is a campaign to raise awareness of rape culture. A member of the team writes:

“One of my roommates last year woke up in the middle of the night, she had had a nightmare. She was raped by her boyfriend the year before. A year later and she still suffered from the experience. The worst part is that some people look at the situation and don’t even believe that she was raped since they were ‘in a relationship.’ This campaign aims at addressing these issues, of making people aware of what rape and consent is. People only view rape as being a stranger pouncing on you in the middle of the night. This isn’t the case. Rape culture is everywhere, starting from the guy that whistles at you as you walk to the club wearing a short dress. We created a social media campaign to raise awareness of the issue and make people see how deep rooted the issue is. We plan on increasing youth involvement on the issue as we believe they are the future and are capable of changing the attitudes that are currently being followed. Videos and picture campaigns will increase their involvement and make them join the conversation around the issue. We also intend on creating an app that would help us partner with the clothing industry to encourage the idea that your dress does not mean that you are giving consent, no matter how revealing. The app will work on a point system, the more involved you are with talking about the issue, the more points you receive which will eventually transfer for discounts at particular stores.”

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