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Blossom Project

Changemaker: Mariam Olabisi Okesola 

Country of Implementation: Nigeria

In the heart of Nigeria, Blossom Project is set to revolutionize menstrual health and hygiene in low-income communities. Our project seeks to address the pressing challenges faced by girls and women by providing comprehensive menstrual health education and empowering them with reusable sanitary pad-making skills. Over the past one year, our team has been actively engaged in similar initiatives, gaining valuable experience in community-based projects. Our core objectives include empowering girls and women with menstrual health hygiene knowledge and the skills to produce reusable pads, thus building a community of empowered women as well as fostering economic sustainability within these communities. Our approach involves collaborating with community schools, officials, and Primary Healthcare centers to conduct education and training sessions. Additionally, we plan to launch quarterly webinars, conferences, and workshops to broaden our impact and advocate for menstrual health hygiene. The team led by Olabisi Okesola comprises experts in project management, public health, education, and community development, we are confident that our collective experience uniquely qualifies us to execute this project successfully. We envision a future where menstrual health is a catalyst for positive change, breaking barriers and empowering girls and women. Join us in this transformative journey, and together, let's educate and empower. For more information, visit: 


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