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Changemaker: Vidhi Yadav

Country of Implementation: India

A study had shown that 43% of Indians and 1 in every 5 teen suffers from depression and other mental health disorders. This data enlightened me to start an organization for mental health awareness which I could relate to it. Studying psychology in school and college gave me an opportunity to start advocacy and educate people about mental health and its importance because many of them who is suffering cannot reach out for help due to the stigma associated with mental illness and lack of education about mental health in the community. The idea of  Beyond the Bounds- a mental health initiative , founded by Ms. Vidhi Yadav germinated through a Statistical data where 1 in 5 teens in India suffers with some sort of stress and anxiety. Metal health is not openly discussed as there is stigma attached to it. My vision is to destigmatize mental health; make Beyond the Bounds a globally recognized mental health organization with helpline services across globe, to build a world where mental health is treated just as physical health, an open forum where people speak about what they are feeling without the fear of judgement and support each other. It gives me immense pleasure to share that we have reached out to 10000+ people aged between 13-25 through our workshops and seminars which was conducted in collaboration with mental health organizations, schools and colleges of Mumbai.  For more information visit my website:


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