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Asma- Tunisia

Energetic, passionate and an initiative-taker, Asma successfully obtained her business administration degree majoring in Marketing.

Currently, she is doing a gap year getting professional experience in a start-up, participating in the organizing team in events such as Hult Prize national competition and Sofar Sounds and learning a new language Japanese at Bourguiba Institute of Languages. 4 years of volunteering experience in NGO (AIESEC, ENACTUS) with focus on personal development, business development, marketing, leadership and sales. Worked on several projects ranging from gender equality to quality education to sustainable communities with a focus on UN sustainable development goals. 8 months of professional experience in an international company Education First and 2 start-ups (Mass-analytics and access, the digital touch). 4 International conférences in Leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainibility (Seedstars Summit 2018, World Youth Congress 2017, NorLDS 2016 & MENAxlds2015 with AIESEC). She won with her team the 3rd best award in Entrepreneurs of the future by prototyping a device to help reduce plastic waste in Tunisia. Her team and her also reached the semi-finalist position with 2 projects called TuniBee and The secret of Medina. The first one is a shared model of economy connecting Beekeepers to consumers to increase jobs for them and the second one is providing an immersive tour to the tourist in the old Town of Tunis to learn a handicraft while creating more streams of revenues for artisans. Her interests vary but they all involve personal growth: She likes learning new languages, reading books, dancing and music (drummer and guitarist).

In the future, she wants to open her own venture tackling one of the UN SDGs and make a greater impact, not only in Tunisia but also in the whole African continent. She wants to capitalize on her professional experience, her leadership skills and passion about sustainibility. This is the reason she went to the Seedstars Summit 2018 and talked with various entrepreneurs, mentors and investors about Fintech, Healthcare and Artificial intelligence. She also wants to be an ambassador of her country and empower the generations to come to make sustainable and responsable choices for the future after her experience as a Global Change maker. She wants to continue mentoring the volunteers and members in AIESEC and ENACTUS and create real value with the knowledge she had access to. She also has creative ambitions related to her interests such as opening a record label in the future using her artistic capabilities and business mind.


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