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Anna - Switzerland

Anna was born in Switzerland and is currently studying social anthropology and sustainable development. Besides studying she works at the Ökozentrum which is providing Energy-Event-Days for kids at primary as well as high-schools. Furthermore, she is doing an internship at futurecamp which is a start-up that sets up workshops which educate people in sustainable lifestyles.

Her interests surround a broad range of topics. Plastic-Waste problems, especially in the oceans, as well as moving societies towards Zero Waste lifestyles are two of them. In addition, she is interested in social work and refugee programs. In these areas she has been working with futurecamp (for sustainability, also attending the WCEF in Helsinki) as well as KUNE aid in Greece at a refugee camp in Summer 2016.

The ambitions beyond the summit consider building up a network to get together towards a change (starting new projects) and getting inspired by the many people attending the forum.


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