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An end to human trafficking

By Iben V, Global Changemaker 2019

lightup is a human rights youth organization, addressing the structural causes of human trafficking, rooted in issues of global injustice. We ‘lightup’ the reality of human trafficking to end the demand for forced labour and sexual exploitation. Our vision is a world where every person lives free from human trafficking and exploitation – because people are priceless.

In order to reach this vision, lightup has developed a twofold objective: 1. Prevent human trafficking of vulnerable groups. 2. Reduce the demand for human trafficking. lightup works through human rights education, project-based workshops, and awareness campaigns, to prevent and combat all forms of human trafficking; including forced labour, prostitution, pornography and other sexual exploitation, forced labour, forced beggary and organ trade.

We aim to engage and inspire young people to observe how conscious attitudes and choices can spark changes locally, nationally and globally, and with that contribute to the prevention of exploitation. lightup provides young people with a platform to use their creative engagement in the fight against human exploitation. Knowledge provides us with the opportunity to change our attitudes and to make conscious choices that can help create a world without human trafficking or sexual exploitation. We in lightup believe that young people can change the world.

Over the past two years, lightup Norway has interacted in-person with over 4000 youth and conducted around 80 lectures. Indirectly, through information channels (brochures, stands etc) lightup has reached nearly 40 000 teens and thousands more over social media.

“I believe it is terrific and support-worthy that young people in lightup speak up to enlighten people of the prostitution and human trafficking industries. As a person affected, I know that there is still much to do both within our societies and in politics. Every person engaged in that issue is of immense value”

- Victim of sexual exploitation

I became a part of lightup because I found it agitating that the liberties most of us take for granted are far-reaching hopes of so many others. As the only youth organization in Norway with human trafficking and sexual exploitation as its main focus, we have a responsibility to voice the concerns of unheard people, and use the freedoms we have to free others.

Raise awareness, inspire change!


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