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Aleksandra - Poland

Since August 2015, Aleksandra has been engaged in social integration for migrants in Poznan, working as migrants' social integration projects coordinator at Migrant Info Point - a local project which gives migrants in Poznan legal assistance and needed support. In October 2017 she has become a board member of Centre for Migration Research Foundation - organization which has created Migrant Info Point and conducts many different projects focused on migrants' related issues.

Apart from work with migrants in Poznan, Aleksandra is also a young trainer and educator, mostly conducting workshops covering the topics of refugees, discrimination, multiculturalism in Polish schools. She has cooperated with other organizations, ex. Humanity in Action Poland, Polish Council of Youth Organizations and is a Global-In Fellowship alumna.

Aleksandra is mostly interested in minority rights, youth participation, social integration of foreigners, education and generally human and women's rights and it's implication in local communities.

Aleksandra's ambition is to obtain a Law degree in the future and work towards an educated and open society with well-developed migration and other social issues managing policies in her country.


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