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Changemaker: Anuj Knodnani

Country of Implementation: India

India, a nation of about 1.25 billion population has an average literacy rate of 74% which means that 26% of the population in India is illiterate. The unemployment rate is 7.32 % (1983 - 2013) as reported by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. Unemployment is a deep seated problem which cannot be just cured superficially but has to be tackled with a lot of preparedness and addressed at the very grass root level, for that it is crucial to begin from the scratch and that is where education comes in the picture. “Aid for unwaged” is an initiative to impart education among the poor and unemployed, train them to polish their skill sets, spread awareness among them, provide employment through a platform for them on a mobile application by which consumers can hire workers and help about 500 homeless individuals in the city by distribution of in-kind donations. It aims on working from the ground level till these individuals are able to stand on their feet and become independent from any form of help or assistance in future. Basic education and awareness regarding current affairs helps these individuals achieve employment and develops them wholesomely as a person. It also makes them better with current day world scenarios and technology by making them accustomed to the mobile application.


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