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Changemaker: Hasler Iglesias 

Country of Implementation: Venezuela

People in Venezuela suffer a lack of access to basic services such as freshwater. According to experts, more than 80% of the population does not have access to a steady and safe water supply. This situation represents a threat to the life and health of vulnerable people, such as children and elders. A group of young Venezuelan engineers decided to take action to solve this problem, and created the "Safe Water Project". With it, they aim to reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases in vulnerable communities in Venezuela. They do so through technical, medical and community diagnosis to identify the specific characteristics of each community and then, they carry out a sensitization campaign to better the prevention practices of the population while installing a water purification unit in a community center. Through this community approach, they are offering a safe water source to the most vulnerable people and empowering them to be able to overcome the risks for health that contaminated water comprises. On the other hand, the water purification unit can be used as a production plant that can generate jobs and earnings for the community center to sustain their activity. As of today, the project has worked in four poor Venezuelan communities, impacting more than 600 people and installing three water purification plants. For more information visit:


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