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Abusu Health

Changemaker: Imelda Neto

Country: Ivory Coast

Quality and affordable preventative healthcare should not be a luxury, but rather

something which is readily available and easily attainable. According to the IHME,

HIV/AIDS was ranked the 2nd leading cause of death in Cote d’Ivoire for the 2016 year.

The World Health Organization Cancer Country ProJles of 2014 reported that 27% of

cancer related deaths among women was linked to Breast Cancer, and 19.3% linked to

Cervical Cancer.

There is therefore a great need for elcient health education on these diseases, their

early detection, and the different treatments available. Early detection and health

education are the primary focus in this case. Women in rural populations of the country,

who are often ignored when it comes to preventative health services, are at an even

higher risk of falling into those percentages.

From this need stemmed Abusu Health, a non proJt organization based in Cote d’Ivoire,

West Africa. We aim to improve the health of women within rural communities of Cote

d’Ivoire through health education, health screenings for the early detection of Breast

Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and HIV/AIDS, empowering small regional health clinics, and

opening up the discussion among health providers and professionals, youth, affected

citizens, and other parties involved on the different socio-economic factors impacting

the demand and supply for adequate healthcare for women.

We created this organization, because the conversation on this issue needs to be

started; and medical professionals, along with young people and other involved citizens

must be provided a platform to discuss and create change in regards to this issue.


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