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Changemaker: Heitor Santos

Country of Implementation: Brazil

Researches have shown that the stimulus to science in early age is extremely

important in developing skills of leadership and autonomy in pre-college students. It

also fills gaps in Education – especially those of developing-world countries. In

Brazil, one of the major problems found by young researchers is the lack of

opportunities not only in the school environment, but also in colleges and universities,

be this help related to the provision of mentorship or access to laboratories. In

addition to this, students that take part in national and international science fairs are

not recognize by the government or scientific institutions. To improve this problems,

a group of young scientists from different parts of Brazil created ABRIC – Brazilian

Association for the Incentive of Science. ABRIC is Brazil’s first association which’s

main purpose is to incentive science in early age and provide support for teenagers

that want to work with pre-college research. To do so, we have partnership with

Brazilian science fairs, where we divulgate the ideas of the association and offer

awards. We also have a scientific publication aimed to publish the work of young scientists in Brazil.


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