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Abdallah - Egypt

Abdallah is interested in SGDs Goals especially Goal 11 & Goal 15 , before i start to spread the awareness in my community i had to improve myself first so i became HR member in IEEE then HR head in Microsoft tech club & HR head in TEDxBanha after that I established my own Association Ahla shbab Banha As to increase my chances to speak with more people and Affecting their lives I joined an Engineering Leadership program and became Best member. At this point I started to talk about SDGs and tell my friends about it, I addressed my university and I was the first person to make a lecture about SDGs in 2017. Late the same year I was accepted to make a presentation in Coy 13 which was held in Germany. I have worked in so many charity works and I was happy when I see that my effort is making people happier. Attending GYS will help me apply my idea in Egypt and also help me find new ideas and solutions for it as I have an idea that will cut the air pollution in the Egyptian capital by half. For me Global Changekakers is not just opportunity but a time to spread as much knowledge as I can.


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