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Changemaker: Evelyn Nakawuka

Country of Implementation: Uganda

The average Ugandan parent can barely afford tuition to send a child to school let alone school materials. A Notebook for Every Child was launched in the semi-urban area of Kagoma in the outskirts of Kampala in a community of approximately 1000 people. Community sensitization is undergoing to emphasize the importance of education in the community and five groups of unemployed youth are being trained to make notebooks to be used in the community schools. About 1400 notebooks will be produced, 60% of which will be distributed in the community schools to provide each pupil a notebook to use in school. The rest of the produced notebooks are to be sold by the youth groups in the community and entrepreneurial clubs will be established and ran by these youth groups. The aim is to impact approximately 1000 individuals in Thesemi urban area of Kagoma.


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